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RIO DE JANEIRO -- Sophina DeJesus wont be on the floor when Olympic gy

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Sophina DeJesus wont be on the floor when Olympic gymnastics begins this weekend. Her career likely ended in April when she wrapped up her senior year at UCLA by helping the Bruins to a fifth-place finish at the NCAA championships.And DeJesus is OK with that. Spend the better part of your life in a gym and eventually you get to the point where its time to move on.Besides, the 21-year-old managed to do something this spring the three-time world champion Simone Biles, reigning Olympic champion Gabby Douglas and the rest of Team USA that plans to crash the medal stand in Rio over the next two weeks has yet to accomplish, at least not yet:She went viral.In a sport that largely only enters the public consciousness for two weeks every four years -- and even less frequently at the college level, where interest can be fervent if not widespread -- DeJesus launched a 90-second remix of an old favorite on Feb. 5 in a dual meet against Utah.On the judges sheet, DeJesus floor routine that night looked just like most others. Three tumbling passes. A series of smaller elements scattered in between. All the necessary requirements designed to post a big score.In practice, however, it was something else entirely. Portions of her curly hair dyed blue, the former child hip-hop dancer unleashed a series of moves ripped straight from MTV, (at least the part of MTV that still shows videos).She whipped. She nae naed. She saluted. She dabbed.It was, as the kids might say, lit.And the crowd -- not to mention the teammates that mobbed her before her score of 9.925 was even posted -- completely lost it. The internet did, too. A few million YouTube views later (currently 14 million-plus and counting), DeJesus found herself on a couch chatting up Ellen DeGeneres and trying to explain how she took her floor routine and put it on fleek.This was my last year, DeJesus said. I need to end this year with a bang. I wanted to do these cool dance moves and hope everyone can go along with me.So UCLA coach Valorie Kondos Field let her do just that, working with DeJesus to put together a set that highlights DeJesus unique charisma.It was `Lets just feel all the latest dance crazes and mashem together, Kondos Field said. You come to me with something and Ill craft your routine and Ill make it gymnastics respectable.While not as technically demanding as routines done at the elite level -- where gymnasts are required to do four tumbling passes instead of three -- it also created some serious buzz. Kondos Field believes the immediate visceral response came with an underlying message: perhaps its time for occasionally staid International Gymnastics Federation code of points to live a little.We want to respect the sport but where I think the international scene could loosen up a bit is to make the routine, give them a theme, make them more entertaining, Kondos Field said.Kondos Field isnt suggesting girls start breakdancing on the balance beam, but while tumbling runs have evolved over the decades -- watch Biles and U.S. teammate Aly Raisman regularly test the laws of physics in Rio -- the music and the dance at times might as well be stuck in a time warp.Kyla Ross, who won gold as part of the Fierce Five that stormed the podium in London four years ago, competed that year with a floor routine set to Phantom of the Opera, her neck nearly spasming as she constantly (and dramatically) lifted her chin more than a half-dozen times. She laughs at the memory, knowing her routine will look far different when she joins Kondos Field at UCLA in the fall.I want to show a different side of me, thatll be fun, Ross said. I want to do something thats going to be remembered.While gymnastics is typically one of the most watched events at the Olympics, it retreats to its popular if small place in the sports world once the flame goes out. Its telling that DeJesus hopped on Ellen before Biles, who didnt get an invite until she racked up 15 world championship medals. Theres a lot of noise out there in sports. DeJesus found a way to cut through the clutter.The majority of the people that viewed it werent just die hard gymnastics fans, Kondos Field said. They were just people on social media and want to see something fun and cool and hip. It went viral because of the six different dance moves that are relatable to the lay person.Biles, at one time a UCLA commit before opting to turn professional last summer, has a pretty good idea of what would happen if she approached U.S. national team coordinator Martha Karolyi and suggested trying to incorporate DeJesus choreography into her routine.I think Marthas jaw would drop, Biles said with a laugh.Probably. And while members of Team USA universally support the artistic freedom college gymnastics provides, theyre not quite so sure how it would go over at the international level.I think theres a difference between college and real FIG gymnastics, said Douglas. I dont know. You would kind of lose the elegance and I dont know, the spice. You would kind of get `club if you did that on the floor.Douglas pointed out her own attempt to do The Dougie while goofing around after she won gold in London. Four years later social media is still giving her a hard time about it.I feel that dancing would be tiring, too, she said. We have four passes, four difficult passes and they have three. I feel like we would be sloppy.It would also put the FIG, judges and coaches in a difficult spot. Its one thing to teach an American gymnast how to whip. Its another to do the same in a place not as attuned to western culture.Kittia Carpenter, Douglas former coach and a longtime judge, imagines FIG officials trying to score DeJesus routine running into trouble while putting pen to paper.They might be scratching their heads and wondering what to do, Carpenter said. Theyd be like, `What do we do with that?The envelope is being pushed at the Olympic level, if in a slightly less in your face way. Laurie Hernandez and coach Maggie Haney collaborated to put together a floor routine that includes plenty of preening and posing. Biles electric smile, effortless talent and come follow me choreography -- set to Brazilian-style music in a nod to the host country -- make her unmissable.If theres one gymnast who can take the seeds being planted at the college level and elevate it, it may be Biles.Shes got the personality, Kondos Field said. Shes got a really great balance of respect for Martha and respect for her coach and respect for the world of gymnastics while she certainly is doing it her way. Theres never been someone that has as much fun on the international floor as she does. Womens Saucony Jazz Original Retro Sneakers Grey White Red . -- There were a lot of firsts for the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday night. Saucony Shadow 5000 Grey . -- Teemu Selanne scored the first goal of his 22nd NHL season, and the Anaheim Ducks extended the best start in franchise history with their fifth straight victory, 3-2 over the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. … k-red.html . The Australian is competing in his final season in Formula One and still looking for his first win this year. He will look to end Vettels run of six straight race wins on Sunday. Webber, who is fifth in the championship, earned his second pole from the past three races and 13th of his career. Saucony Originals Shadow 5000 . LOUIS -- Heading into the final stretch of the season, the issues for the Chicago Bears banged-up defence only seem to be getting worse. Nike Free Run 3.0 Flyknit Mens . Didier Drogba gave away the penalty that put Senegal one goal away from a major upset, but the veteran striker will get another chance -- probably his last -- at the World Cup after Salomon Kalous injury-time strike sealed the Ivorians place in Brazil next year. Day three in Galle: a Dilruwan Perera delivery stays quite low; Mitch Marsh, new to the crease, digs it out and offers a wry smile. Its a smile that masks bemusement. You can forgive him, because for the Australian No. 6, everything happening is truly foreign. Even so, the reaction reveals more about his teams attitude to these conditions than it does about Asian wickets.Has any Test match batting line-up looked as inept as Australias in Sri Lanka? Despite well-meaning programmes, interventions, manifestos, reports and investigations into the problem of Australia in the subcontinent, these measures, by definition of their performances, have not worked, and dont look like working. Australia are actually getting worse over there.If were discussing solutions (which, it seems, we are), then Australias cultural, grass-roots attitudes to spin bowling may be worth exploring. At all levels of serious amateur cricket in Australia - from school cricket through to first grade - spinners barely bowl. A crass generalisation, possibly, but broadly true.At grade level, spin bowling is an art to be tolerated rather than curated. The administrative boffins already understand that this approach hampers efforts to find the next great batch of representative spinners, but Pallekele and Galle have made clear an even bigger problem: this approach does a huge disservice to our batsmen too.As ever in Australia, when we have a cricketing problem to solve we skew to over-simplification. In this case, much of the hand-wringing over the latest capitulation has merely thrown up tired motherhood statements about batting to spinners. Just use your feet, rotate the strike, unsettle them by going over the top.Solutions like these betray an ignorance ultimately rooted in arrogance, and they insult Test cricketers. The batsmen will be aware that foot movement and run-scoring are ends to aspire to. The problem is that they fundamentally cannot read the cricket ball. Nobody holds or wields a bat in Australia better than these guys, yet in Sri Lanka their ineptitude is so staggeringly total that it demands introspection deeper than just rotate the strike, mate. Only the most one-eyed supporters would dare envisage a challenge to India next year, let alone a victory in Colombo.With such an obvious and systemic problem, we may as well throw in another one: we clearly have no idea. Efforts to stem the embarrassment are rightly underway. Increased Asian exposure for junior teams and the alteration of home wickets have either been implemented or are on the table. They are good ideas. It has also been suggested that Australia employ a horses-for-courses selection policy for their batsmen. Its an idea that grates against the very fibre of Australias conservative spirit, but an air of experimentation would at least demonstrate some humility that recognises we may have been wrong about this all along.ddddddddddddBut the above are short- to mid-term solutions that will surely only offer marginal gains at best. Australian cricket cannot select its way out of this problem. Nor can it seriously believe that a biennial Asian bridging-course for their best batsmen will sufficiently educate them for the hardest cricket they are likely to encounter - a Test match in an Indian, Sri Lankan or Pakistani dustbowl. Because thats what were going to get for the next ten years, at least.But how do you mobilise a whole nation in the fight against spin? Because throughout, from grade cricket through to national level, the truth is that we really dont rate spinners. This wholesale attitude courses like boosted blood through the veins of the Australian cricketing body, where the advice to simply use your feet, get to them on the full and hit them out of the attack is consistent from club to club.Its similar for those bowling or captaining spin, where the almost fundamentalist commitment to building pressure by dotting them up produces an unceasing queue of slow-to-medium-pace bowlers who can tie up an end and keep things tight.Grade captains nationwide will opt for the grizzled late-20s medium-pacer over the young, raw spinner in almost every match situation when the game is on the line. And why wouldnt they? Try telling a third grade captain to bowl his 17-year-old spinner when the opposition are 187 for 2 in 35-degree heat out west. Why dont I just give them the six points now? would be a common, and reasonable, response. Cunning grade captains dont make tactical decisions in the national interest; they make decisions to beat the opposition - whom they usually hate.A quota of spin bowling per innings has been suggested before, and it really does have merit. Of course, in the deeply dog-eat-dog world of grade cricket, spinners selected by necessity would be further ostracised, but it would be the same for both sides. Having spinners bowl a percentage of overs would not only increase the chances of Australia developing better spinners, it would ensure our batsmen are raised on a balanced diet of bowling from an early age. We could call it the Pallekele Rule.It may be that the changes needed to win in the subcontinent will hamper the efforts to win at home, and we should simply accept our weakness. Perhaps were Roger Federer and Asia is our clay; maybe you just cant win everywhere. Death, taxes and struggling in India.Whatever the case, if Australia do not take care to cultivate quality spin bowling, their batsmen will continue to fail against quality spin bowling. Or are they just bad decks? Well probably find out in ten years or so. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '



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