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Haganme bullyng porfa.
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I've been into anime since Speed Racer on the black and white set, wiggling the rabbit ears to catch faint traces of the distant UHF station. And as with any hobby, you come and go with your moods. I grew up with Star Blazers and Robotech, reveled in the late eighties anime boom, drifted away through the nineties, came back in the auights just in time for the studio bubble to pop.

So a little bit ago, I went to the DVD shelf and plucked a series at random off, going "Man, I haven't watched that in years!", kicking off my latest anime phase. Since it's been a couple of years since I watched anything - well before the Hulus and Crunchyrolls of the world - I found all these streaming sites and went "Wow! Free, legal anime! Sweet"

The problem is? It all seems to be the same (with the caveat that I only selected a few titles at random and am totally judging a stream by it's thumbnails). It's all kind of school-girl-ly and adorably cute with very few adult series.

By adult, I don't mean Tentacle Monster Rape movies. I mean serious content - stuff like Wings of Honneamise, Vampire Hunter D, Gunbuster and Record of Lodoss War? Hell, even more goofy shows like Captain Taylor, City Hunter or Dirty Pair seem to have vanished. And there's nothing racy or questionable that I found, nothing like Demon City Shinjuku, Ninja Scroll or Fist of the North Star anymore.

So what happened? Now, there has always been stuff like Urusei Yatsura or Ramna 1/2 - but never this dominant? Did anime tastes and themes shift so wildly since I last came out of hibernation six or so years ago? Or am I just not looking in the right places?

Please help.

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