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OpenOffice compatible with Windows 10 updates?


I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be an anime fan... It's getting harder and harder to find something that's worthwhile. I watched No Game No Life recently, and while it was pretty decent, I feel like it didn't bring anything new, and had to resort to otaku pandering like every other anime in recent years. So, does anyone else feel like the anime industry is dropping off a cliff, with industry veterans having to resort to Kickstarter just to get funded? Anyone know of good anime from the past 2-3 years that won't exasperate me? I won't go into too much detail as to what that means to avoid walls of text and ranting, but basically, an ambitious anime that's crafted by the creator, not the fans.

One more thing: what do you think the face of anime will be like, in 10 years? I'm not sure that it's going to get any better.eel free to disagree with me and call me ignorant and stuff. I'm just tired of otaku bait, lolicons, panty shots, moeblobs, cardboard characters, tired tropes, generic trash, and feeling disappointed. Hm, I wonder if I'm going to get flamed for this, but I'm trying to speak honestly. Don't yell at me, okay?

Please help.

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2018-06-08 15:26:43

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